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The firm started to run a business in 1980. From the beginning it has been busy with production of special construction motors. For over 30 years the firm has been systematically broadening an offer of products and services. We produce a dozen or so varieties of modern electric motors sold in Poland, European Union and the USA.



Our customers are contented not only with gratification of their quality requirements of standard motors but also with indulging their individual requests arising from specific needs.  Granted the ISO 9001:2000 and “Wielkopolska Jakość” certificates prove the high quality of our products and services. Our firm manufactures special motors for submersible pumps, air-duct fans, motors for mixing hot medium e.g. liquid metals, driers and explosion-proof motors with ATEX certificate.


The main aim of ZEM-SWARZEDZ as a manufacturer of electric motors is to accomplish the full satisfaction of customers from our goods and services.


All of our employees strive for the firm success because they are conscious that it renders the success of each of them. We provide technical ideas, goods and services to meet our customers’ requirements and the quality warranty is long lasting experience and our customers’ respect.


We offer:

Execution of new shafts and adjustment motors to individual requirements and needs of customers in the field of: bearing changes, manufacturing of nonstandard output shafts , atypical manufacturing of acid- and heat resisting shafts, changes in working voltage and connection diagram of motors. The quality of manufactured motors is secured by selection of qualified material deliverers and application of modern production technologies.


In addition we offer electric motors and other products of : CANTONI Group (Besel S.A., Celma Indukta S.A., Emit S.A.), TAMEL S.A., J. Helmke & Co as well as other manufacturers.


We recommend a wide selection of electric motors, transmissions and frequency converters manufactured by ABB and SIMENS. Our firm respects individual wishes of our customers considering changes in construction of ordered electric motors.


In addition we offer: comprehensive industry service and delivery of electric motors, inverter and transmission drives.



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