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Symposium on will be 50th meeting of specialists from domestic and international universities and industrial research centers dealing with the whole aspects of the electrical machines. It will be a forum, which will enable the exchange of experience and presentation of new developments in the theory, construction, testing, diagnostics and applications of electrical machines.

The predicted topics of the Symposium include:

1. Electrical machines - theory, designing and modelling
2. New design and technology of electrical machines
3. Electromechanical actuators
4. Electrical machines in the drive systems
5. Testing, monitoring and diagnostics of electrical machines and drives
6. Electrical machines in energy generation systems
7. Electrical machines and drives - education issues

During the Symposium will also take place PTETiS Jubilee Session, dedicated to the memory of Professor Wladyslaw Kolek - Patron of the Year 2014 - the 100th anniversary of his birthday.